Song Key & BPM Finder

Upload your audio files to find the key and tempo of the tracks in your library. This is a tool for DJs interested in harmonic mixing, producers looking to remix songs, and anyone trying to understand their music a little better.

Browse or drag & drop audio files here to analyze your music.

How to Find Song Key & BPM (Tempo)

It just takes a few seconds!


Prepare Files

Simply gather the audio files you'd like to analyze into a folder on your computer. No additional preperation is necessary.


Upload Audio

Drag & drop your audio files into the file area on this page. Or click the file area and select the audio files from your computer.


Wait for Analysis

Analysis starts automatically after the upload step. Your files will be quickly analyzed so you won't have to wait long.


Receive Results

After completion, the results will appear in a table. You'll see key & BPM estimates, and additional data depending on your plan.

How it Works

Tunebat is powered by industry leading technology developed by the Music Technology Group at UPF.

Browser Based

Analysis and calculations are run inside your browser so your files are never sent to another machine.

Detection Algorithms

Tunebat's algorithms were developed and tuned by audio experts and PhD holders to maximize accuracy.

AI + Machine Learning

Sentiment analysis (energy, danceability, happiness) uses ML models trained on large audio data sets.

Low Level Analysis

Tunebat extracts low level audio features that are instrumental for truly understanding an audio file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the results from the finder sometimes different from the database?

The key and BPM values in the database are provided by Spotify who use their own estimation algorithms to find key and BPM. The analysis results you get from uploading audio files to this page come from different algorithms that are run by Tunebat. Due to the algorithms being different, sometimes the results are different. Also, it's possible that there are differences between the file you upload, and the file Spotify analyzes for a specific song.

How accurate is the finder?

The results you see on this page are estimates. The accuracy of these estimates has been measured across multiple large data sets and compared to several prominent commercial key and BPM detection algorithms. For some datasets this finder proved more accurate than existing commercial key and BPM detection tools. But for other data sets this finder was less accurate. Overall you can expect results from this finder to be as accurate as key and BPM finders found in other commercial softwares, more or less.

What happens to the audio files I upload?

Uploaded files stay on your computer and are never copied or sent to any servers. The analysis algorithms are run in your browser so you can get quick results without waiting for files to be transferred.

What file types can I upload?

MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and M4A.

Is there a file size limit?

There is no official file size limit. As long as your computer and our algorithms can handle the file then it can be analyzed.

How does AI sentiment analysis work for detecting energy, danceability, and happiness?

Tunebat uses algorithms developed through machine learning to perform sentiment analysis. This means models have been trained on a large number of audio files with pre determined values for energy, danceability, and happiness. This enables the AI to look at new audio files and then make estimations based on the previous audio files and associated values it's looked at.

What can I do if there's an error?

Make sure you've disabled any adblockers. Make sure you are using one of the supported file types. If it still isn't working then send us an email at [email protected] along with a description of your computer specs, browser, and attach the audio file that can't be analyzed.

Is there a limit to the number of files I upload?

Currently there is no limit.

Is there an API for the finder?

Currently no. However, if there is enough interest it could be made. If you're interested, please reach out to [email protected]

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